Sentri360 is a novel architecture

Computer Vision, AI and RTLSIndustrial Safety Solutions For Today's Workforce

Legacy solutions involve a combination of direct human supervision, monitoring of CCTV footage, and passive alerts when safety protocols are breached. Our cutting-edge approach offers an AI solution that scans through multi-sensor inputs in real-time and proactively alerts workers and managers to safety concerns

The Sentri360 feature suite includes PPE detection, safety zone compliance and fall detection, to name a few. Upon detection of a safety infraction, workers are immediately notified via haptic feedback on their Personal Alert Device (an industrial-grade wearable). Alert video and metadata are simultaneously sent to the safety manager portal for post-event analysis and coaching.

Sentri360's Island of Safety Suite includes computer vision, RTLS (real-time location system) and other sensors to provide a comprehensive coverage for each safety zone. Sentri360 is a subscription-based solution that minimizes costs and installation and can scale to meet changing site and business needs. This means the Islands of Safety Suite will not require a huge capital spend for installation at multiple locations.

The Sentri360 is an end-to-end solution that offers actionable insights in real time. The analytics portal delivers continuous safety data to help you recognize improvements on worker behavior and operations management, as well as maintenance of devices, applications and the cloud.

Everguard merges computer vision, real-time location services, AI, sensor fusion and analytics in combination with multiple sensors to provide live, actionable oversight that ensures worker safety. Everguard’s precise positioning wearables show worker and asset locations within less than 1.5 feet and can alert workers of danger zones and restricted areas before accidents happen. The Sentri360 platform provides real-time situational awareness and insights into worker activity to increase productivity and ensure workers are acting within safety parameters.

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Sentri360 User Analytics Portal

Everguard’s platform facilitates situational intelligence by using the power of data to improve safety. Advanced analytics and coaching modules enable managers can take timely actions and improve worker adherence for long term sustainable safety.

Sentri360 Operations Portal

Everguard’s Sentri360 operations center provides real-time insights of connected devices to drive efficiency, increase uptime and accelerate responsiveness to ensure workplace safety.

Why choose us?

Advantages of Sentri360 True-Edge Sensor Safety Nets:

  • Proactive intervention occurs in real-time and alerts multiple parties
  • Always-on monitoring drives continuous improvement
  • Reported insights allows managers to act before incidents occur
  • Implicit behavior improvement increases across an organization when the Sentri360 system is implemented