Sentri360 for COVID-19

Sentri360 - COVID-19 Worker Health and Safety Detection PlatformEnsure Worker Health and Safety in Post-Lockdown Industrial Environments

Advanced AI Encourages Adoption of New Safety Protocols through PPE Detection, Social Distancing and Thermal Imaging.

As lockdown restrictions related to COVID-19 are relaxed and companies are able to resume operations, ensuring workforce health and safety is vital.

Many businesses are implementing return-to-work protocols including the mandatory wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE), social distancing guidelines (6 feet and beyond), and on-site temperature checks to curb the spread of COVID-19 and ensure that businesses can safely resume operations.

Enforcing these protocols can be time-consuming and expensive, often requiring the contracting of additional staff to form a compliance team.

Sentri360 bypasses the need for a compliance team altogether. Our AI-powered application platform scans through multi-sensor inputs in real time to serve as a behavior training tool, proactively alerting workers and managers to aid in the adoption of new practices and procedures aimed at reducing the appearance or spread of COVID-19.

Applicable in nearly any industry, from food processing plants to product distribution centers, the Sentri360 COVID-19 feature suite includes PPE detection, worker-to-worker detection to ensure social distancing, and thermal imaging to conduct non-invasive temperature checks for workers. If any of these protocols are breached, an alert is delivered to the worker for behavior modification and, if desired, to a manager. All alerts are delivered in under half a second via industrial-grade, wearable personal devices.

A robust analytics portal delivers continuous health and safety data to help users recognize improvements in worker behavior and operations management, as well as device, applications and cloud maintenance. Machine learning also enables Sentri360 to gain a better understanding around the intricacies of an environment over time to optimize safety protocols.

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