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Sensor fusion based AI for proactive worker safety

Our mission is to make the world's industrial environments safer with technology solutions, and to drive a paradigm shift in safety from reactive to proactive approaches.

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Everguard's mission is to make the world's industrial environments safer. Based in Irvine, CA, Everguard is driving a paradigm shift from reactive to proactive.

Know where your workers are and know they're operating within safety parameters. We can help you keep employees away from hazards and inside the worksite with geofence technology.

Oil and Gas
Paper Mills
Ship Building
Computer Vision

Sentri360 is a novel architecture that combines computer vision and sensor fusion to provide an Island of Safety at the Edge for precise worker activity recognition.

Everguard merges computer vision, real-time location services, AI, sensor fusion and analytics in combination with multiple sensors to provide live, actionable oversight that ensures worker safety. Everguard's precise positioning wearables show worker and asset locations within less than 1.5 feet and can alert workers of danger zones and restricted areas before accidents happen. The Sentri360 platform provides real-time situational awareness and insights into worker activity to increase productivity and ensure workers are acting within safety parameters.

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Sentri360 - COVID-19 Worker Health and Safety Detection Platform

Ensure Worker Health and Safety in Post-Lockdown Industrial Environments

Advanced AI Encourages Adoption of New Safety Protocols through PPE Detection, Social Distancing and Thermal Imaging

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